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I am a licensed Marriage and Family therapist who focuses on providing strength-based, goal-oriented counseling. I incorporate mindfulness whenever possible, and am also trained in EMDR. I have several years’ experience working with adults and youth suffering from mental illness in community health settings.I currently serve the Berkeley / Oakland Area and use a wide sliding scale fee in order to make therapy more affordable and accessible.

Perhaps You Are

  • A Twenty Something navigating identity formation, new responsibilities, and new relationships during the college and post-college years.
  • Suffering from longterm mental illness  and seeking to increase engagement in community and decrease being defined by your mental illness.
  • In recovery and are looking for different ways to connect.
  • A Teacher or Caregiver having difficulty prioritizing self care and seeking relief from stress and burnout.
  • Suffering from Trauma and seeking relief.
  • A Couple seeking to increase communication skills and work through conflict with compassion.